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Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult parts of your home to keep clean is also one of the largest! Children, pets, and just simple foot traffic can all quickly dirty your carpet to the point that you may think it may never be clean again!

From high traffic areas to the inevitable spots and stains, it surely can seem impossible. However, the good news is that Mr. Clean Aways can have your carpet looking as good as new and in less time than you might think! 

Why choose Mr. Clean Aways?

One of the disadvantages of some other South Wales carpet cleaning services is that your carpet can remain wet for hours after cleaning. Any traffic on the wet area can ruin the cleaning and even cause damage to some types of carpeting.

Our carpet cleaning is different. Through a special cleaning system, we do not wet the carpet to the point that it can’t be dried. This means that you can walk on your carpet much sooner and return your household to its normal routine – but with beautifully clean carpets!

It could take less than an hour

For a 12’ x 12’ room, it only takes about an hour to have your carpet cleaned and ready to use. The entire room will look brighter and will be more hygienic for your entire family.

Environmentally friendly

None of our cleaning supplies are toxic, so you do not have to worry about the effects our cleaning will have on your pets or small children.

100% customer commitment 

One of the best things about Mr. Clean Aways  is our commitment to our customers. We believe that you will be completely satisfied with your newly cleaned carpets.  In fact, we offer a guarantee for all of our services. We want you to love the way your carpet looks, but also the way it feels beneath your bare feet!  

Special carpet cleaning needs

Not all carpet are the same, depending on the material make up of your carpet it may need special cleaning to ensure it is not damaged during the process.

Fully insured and trained

We are trained in different cleaning techniques that will keep your carpet looking beautiful. This is another area that sets us apart from the other carpet cleaners.

Expert stain removal

If your carpet is sporting some spots or stains, then we will use our special carpet cleaning methods to work on these areas. Children and pets are often the cause of these stains; however, we have also had occasions where an adult is responsible as well! From spots due to a spilled glass of juice or wine to the errant meatball, let us work our magic on your carpet.

Experience a truly clean carpet

We know that time is at a premium today. With today’s busy, hectic schedules, it is often hard to find time to arrange a time to be home during normal working hours. At Mr. Clean Aways, we understand this and we will accommodate your scheduling preferences to the best of our ability.

No matter if you need South Wales, Cardiff, or Newport carpet cleaning services, we’ll be there on time and ready to work!

Our Commercial Clients

Mr Clean Aways has worked with some great commercial clients over the years:

Cardiff Blues WRU


Huw J Edmund Hodge Bakshi

KFC Lakewood

Leckwith Motor Company Mc Carthy and Stone

Pathway Care Ronald Turner

R N Roberts

Thomas Wood Estate Agents United Carpets

Whitchurch Rugby Football Club